CBJF Mission Statement:

We are a Cascade High School Feeder organization competing in the North Sound Jr Football league. Started by two Cascade High School Coaches, our organization is committed to creating a positive team atmosphere. We are dedicated to teaching the game of football the SAFE and correct way while building a bond with our program and the community. Ages range from 5-14 years old.


FALL Football Registration NOW OPEN!!

Current Roster Status:


​Peewees: OPEN

89ers: OPEN

Juniors: OPEN

Bantams: OPEN

Seniors: OPEN


* If your division is wait listed, please still fill out a registration. If we get enough registrations we will field another team, and/or if a kid decides to not play we will contact the next player on the wait list.

Important Dates
  • Regular Season Suit Ups:

    • TBA 

  • NSJFL Coaches Meeting:

    • TBA

  • Start non-padded practice/Camp:

    • TBA 

      • Mon-Thurs 5:30-7:30 pm​

  • Start padded practice:

    • Aug 

      • Mon-Thurs 5:30-7:30 pm​

      • Once school starts practice will reduce to 3x per week

  • NSJFL Jamboree:

  • Week 1: Aug 

  • NO GAMES (Holiday weekend): August 

  • Week 2: Sept 

  • Week 3: Sept 

  • Week 4: Sept 

  • Week 5Sept 

  • Week 6: (Re-Calibration): Oct

  • Week 7: (Re-Calibration): Oct

  • Week 8: (Re-Calibr

  • Bowl Games/Play-Off Round 1Oct

  • Semi Finals: Nov

  • NSJFL Championships: Nov

Coaches Wanted!!

We are always looking for people that want to volunteer their time to help coach kids. Coaching youth football is certainly a tremendous responsibility but will also be a rewarding experience when you see your players develop a love for the game, have a desire to continue, and show progress in the fundamentals.

We are looking for individuals that Teach, don’t criticize. Praise effort, technique, and progress – not just the great play by the star athlete.
If you fit this description....


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