2021 Fall Football Registration

Our Service area is the the Cascade High School Boundaries. To be eligible for for the Cascade Bruins Jr Football program, a player must between the ages of 5 - 14 & not attend high school and have an established residence in the service area of Cascade High School or attend school in the Cascade boundaries of the Everett school district.

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Registration Fee


(5-7 yr old)




(8&9 yr olds)




(10&11 yr olds)




(12yr olds)




(13&14 yr olds)

*No 9th graders*



Multi-player Discount:

Do you have multiple children that want to play? We have a multi-child discount that can help with the cost. Children must be in the same immediate family. Please contact   @bruinsjuniorfootball@gmail.com

Age & Eligibility Verification  


#1: School Verification: Players will need to provide a report card or school transcript.


#2: Age Verification: New players will need to provide their

original birth certificate at jamboree (this will be returned to you after the event).  **This is not required of returning players**


#3: Address Verification: Players that attend a school outside of the Everett School District **will need to provide proof of address**

Example: Utility bill with the parents name on it...